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Cold zincing
• Examples
1. "Arena Riga"
SIA "N.G.S." carried out the construction, cold zincing and installation of many elements of this object, such as awnings, beams and pylon. Gross weight of zinc used equals to the tens of tons.
What was done:
  • First protective coating was applied - ZYNOTAN 60 mkm;
  • Second protective coating was applied - POLYTONE-UR 60 mkm;
  • Final protective coating was applied - POLYTONE-AK 50 mkm.
Photo: February 2006
2. SC "Imanta" modernization
Modernization of SC "Imanta" - construction, cold zincing, installation - was fully carried out by SIA "N.G.S". Total thickness of protective coating applied is 170 mkm. Guarantee for the construction is 17 years.
What was done:
  • Elements were coated with ZYNOTANE, thickness of layer is 60 mkm;
  • After that 60 mkm thick coating of POLYTONE-UR was applied;
  • Finally, 50 mkm thick coating of POLYTONE-AK was applied.
Photo: March 2005
3. Two hangars
Total area of hangars is 1600 m2. The surface of the first hangar was completely affected by 100-120 mkm thick corrosion. Second hangar was previously galvanized, thus only 20% of surface was affected by corrosion.
What was done:
  • Loose rust was removed using steel scrubs;
  • First hangar was coated with ZYNOL
  • Second hangar was coated with ZYNOTANE
Photo: June 2003 - June 2005
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