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Cold zincing
• Advantages
Cold zincing method has a number of advantages when compared to galvanizing:
  1. Life span of cold zinc coated surfaces is considerably higher
  2. Cold zincing is applicable to large constructions
  3. Cold zincing method is easy and convenient to use
  4. Cold zinc appliance is possible in factory conditions as well as on the open building ground if air temperature is between -15 and 40C and air humidity is less than 98%
  5. Cold zincing method is more environment-friendly
  6. Surfaces coated with cold zinc are electrically conducting
Advantages when compared to lacquer coatings:
  1. Cold zincing ensures cathode mechanism of protection
  2. Cold zincing prevents progress of underfilm and filamentary corrosion
  3. Surfaces coated with cold zinc serve 2-4 times longer
  4. Cold zincing is economical, since long-term service reduces the cost of repairs
  5. Surfaces coated with cold zinc are non-flammable and don't spread flames over the surface
Service life
Expected service life of the coatings is:
  • in conditionally clear atmosphere - not less than 20 years
  • in industrial atmosphere - 10-20 years
  • in fresh and sea water - 10-12 years
  • for petroleum and petroleum products storage - 8-12 years
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