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Cold zincing
• Description
Cold zincing is one of the most widely recognized anticorrosion metal protection methods which consists of zinc-rich paint-&-varnish materials.
In order to achieve long-term anti-corrosion protection SIA "N.G.S" offers zinc-rich compositions manufactured by our Russian partner FMP - ZFES, ZINOL, ZINOL-SV, ZINOTAN, ZINEP, ZINOTHERM, putties ZINMASTIC. The main ingredient of these zinc-rich compositions is ultra-fine zinc powder, which is manufactured by FMP using their own patented technology.
Coating Technique
Zinc-rich compositions are applied on a previously prepared surface by traditional paint-&-varnish methods: airless and pneumatic spraying, brush or roller. As a result, surface becomes coated with layer containing 80% - 97% of zinc. Cold zincing ensures steel protection, which combines cathode mechanism of protection, such as galvanizing, and isolating mechanism of protection, similar to traditional paintworks. Because of that, cold zincing surpasses all other methods in regards of resistance to corrosion and durability.
Cold zincing is multifunctional. Zinc-rich coatings may be applied in different operational conditions:
  • As an independent coating
  • As a primer in combination with lacquer coating of different type
  • As a repairing material for various zinc-coated surfaces
FMP offers following finishing materials - polyurethane and acrylic enamels of different colours of POLYTONE series, also aluminium-rich paint-&-varnish materials PAES, ALUMOTERM, ALPOL, ALUMOTAN and polyurethane varnish PULAK. These materials are widely used as independent coatings too. High quality and attractive prices of the coatings differ them advantageously and gain the confidence of the customers.
For more information, please visit our webpage about cold zincing.