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Trading and services
One of the main business activities of N.G.S is retail and distribution of metal. Established in 1992, N.G.S never stopped to dynamically develop, establishing partnership with metal vendors and manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia. N.G.S offers huge variety of metal goods from its store located in Riga. And, in case of such a necessity, it is always possible to order additional delivery of metal from other countries in the shortest terms possible.
For our clients' convenience metal cutting and rolled metal cutting is accomplished in our stores. For these means guillotine scissors are used in case of metal width less than 16mm. Otherwise, metal is cut by automatic cutters and brand-saws. N.G.S also offers transport services to its customers. Delivery is free on all orders over 500 Ls.
Our loyal customers are eligible for special prices and discounts as well as for delivery free of charge. Loyal customers are offered complete supply of customers' installations with different types of rolled metal.
In accordance with our clients' requests, our range of products and services is constantly expanding and new types of products are introduced.
In case of any questions about prices, delivery terms and availability of products, please contact us by phone (+371) 742-94-63 from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM.