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Our ladders
Our ladders are manufactured from metal bearing structures. We manufacture both straight and spiral staircases, with steps made either from wood or metal.
To find the staircase form and design best suited for customer's requirements, personal approach is guaranteed to all our clients. Our spiral staircases may be easily assembled by the client himself, thanks to construction features. Depending on the customer's needs, it is always possible to order necessary amount of steps and choose best suited banisters.
Experience shows that "N.G.S." staircases are successfully used in private homes, bureaus, civic buildings and facilities. In case of staircase is installed outside the building, it is recommended to additionally install special "N.G.S." gratings with non-slippery surface.
"N.G.S." staircases are already installed in "Hansabank" (Lacplesa str. 20), Central Station of Riga, Olympic Sports Center of Valmiera etc.