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Our ladders
"KENNGOTT" company has more than 100 years of experience in ladder manufacturing. Each of "KENNGOTT" ladders is assembled from modules, created by unique and patented technology. These modules allow to make shift without cumbersome supporting structures, thus saving space in building and reducing manufacturing costs. For more detailed information, please visit our site of Latvian "KENNGOTT" agency.
"KENNGOTT" company offers it's customers a wide variety of materials - from wood to exclusive glass - and types of ladders. We will help you choose the variant best suited for your needs. Please contact our specialists by phone (+371) 780-79-11 or write us an e-mail.
• Staircases on bolts
Ladder on bolts is ideal solution in case when ladder should raise the feeling of airiness and easiness, but at the same time safety and durability should not be compromised. Each of the steps of these ladders hold the weight of 600 kg. Besides, thanks to the fact that these ladders do not have side beams, angles and alcoves, it's easy to keep these ladders clean.
• Staircases on strings
Staircases on strings are either one-march or two-march, straight or swivel, with straight or balanced steps, with intermediate grounds or without them. Simplicity and elegance of this type of staircases and wide choice of production make these staircases very popular between customers.
• Spiral staircases
Regardless the fact that spiral staircases are seldom used as the only staircases in house, their use allows to significantly save interior space. Besides that, spiral staircases always attract attention, being the colorful part of the interior. Spiral staircases are best suited for attics and socles, since they provide the shortest way between floors.
• Staircases on bridgeboards
Bridgeboard is one of the ladder bases, which consists of two beams placed under 45 angle relative to each other. Afterwards, steps are fixed to these beams either by glue or by knocking them in the bridgeboard slots. Bridgeboards can be divided into three groups - straight bridgeboards, rounded bridgeboards and castellated bridgeboards.