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Manufacturing of metal constructions
Most of the customers want to see their apartments, homes, bureaus and fabrication facilities arranged with as much style and comfort as it is possible. Part of them has already found the solution by ordering metal constructions and metal products from "N.G.S.".
"N.G.S." company manufactures both huge, heavy constructions and elegant decorative elements for houses, offices and enterprises: gates, fences, grates, fireplace accessories and many other useful things, aimed to create comfort and appeal at any place, both indoors and outdoors.
Monthly volume of metal constructions manufactured by N.G.S exceeds 100 tons. All jobs are done by 50 fully certified specialists on fully certified equipment, and Building License, granted by the Ministry of Economics of Latvian Republic gives the company right to carry out construction works. All orders are carried out according to customer's drawings, but N.G.S engineers are able to design the installation themselves according to customer's needs, if necessary.
Our already finished projects are the best evidence of our technical abilities and attention to quality.

    "Olympics Sports Center of Valmiera" (volume of building constructions - 680 tons),
    modernization of "SC Imanta" installation (300 tons),
    "Sports Ice Hall" (100 tons)
are only few of our successfully carried out orders.