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The Haboe connecting system is manufactured on the latest CNC machines. Moreover, our processing techniques ensure fast order handling, coupled with maximum flexibility and efficiency.
Short processing times and low manufacturing costs ensure that production is always economical, and delivery is exactly on schedule.
Even the most complex products are manufactured reliably by our highly qualified personnel, who have extensive experience in working with difficult materials. Since 1998 the Harald Bohl GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 : 2000.
Our engineers and technicians apply their know-how and many years experience to the development of individual, customer specific products. As a result the customers are provided with highly functional, cost-effective and market-oriented solutions. The use of modern CAD systems reduces the time to market and contributes decisively towards process optimisation.
Client Service
Highly qualified staff of company "N.G.S." will tell you in detail about "Haboe" products and the methods of its assembly. We will also show you the examples of products, and will help you choose the best solution. For more detailed information please call (+371) 780-79-11.